Ways To Avoid Sugar In Your Kid’s Daily Diet

Ways To Avoid Sugar In Your Kid's Daily Diet Hello Everyone, Off late one of the most common diseases I have been hearing about is that of diabetes and that too in youngsters. Most of the health specialists believe that the sedentary lifestyle is the reason behind all of this. Most working people in the cities are prone to these early symptoms of diabetes. Also a lot of us are dependent of packaged food & drinks due to paucity of time which is not a healthy choice for the daily … [Read more...]

When To Start Giving Cereals To Babies?

When To Start Giving Cereals To Babies? We often find new mothers and first-time mothers boggle over starting solid food for their babies. Experts say that it is only after the 4th month of the baby’s birth; it craves for solids and feels what it is like being hungry. It is the right time to introduce them to the solid foods. During the first few months, a baby only knows how to suck milk through nipples, which is something that comes naturally to them. They can either be fed on breast milk … [Read more...]

Food Recipes For 8 Months Old Babies

By Gayatri Food Recipes For 8 Months Old Babies   Your baby reached 8 months and so you must be planning to start feeding her. You can start with pureed solids but make it nutritious at the same time. Here are few ideas you may like to try for your baby. Baked Apples: Ingredients: 3 large apples Butter (optional) Cinnamon(optional) Brown sugar and raisins(optional) Method: Core the three apples but don’t peel it. Carefully wipe the center inside of it with some … [Read more...]

10 Recipes Which Your Kids Won’t Refuse

10 Recipes Which Your Kids Won't Refuse   Here are top ten recipes which kids won't be able to refuse from having them once you have made an offer to eat these! Bread And Banana Recipe For Toddler/Weaning Recipes This sweet snack recipe is for your toddler's sweet tooth and If they are fond of sweets , this yummy & healthy combination of brown bred & banana will surely please their taste buds and next time when you are cooking it, they won't be able to wait patiently for the … [Read more...]

Suzi Toast And Pomegranate – Lunch Box Idea 5

Suzi Toast And Pomegranate  - Lunch Box Ideas  Hello Everyone! Feeding the kids of today's generation is really becoming tough these days as they are becoming very choosy & picky when it comes to eating food which is healthy. Most of the kids lure upon junk food and generally show a great dislike for nutritional food items. Well, I know this is the main concern of every Mom on the block and they would instantly bond over on this single topic about how fussy their toddler is in eating … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Give Chick Pea Salad To Toddlers And Kids

5 Ways To Give Chick Pea Salad To Toddlers And Kids   When it comes to eating food, toddlers give a hard time to their mummies in eating and finishing food. It happens with almost all kids only the intensity differs. Some are a real pain to agree to finish their meal and generally create a fuss when they have to feed while some throw tantrums for a while and slowly agree to finish off what has been offered though they take a long time in doing so that sometimes parents get irritated to a … [Read more...]

Yummy Banana Pancakes For Kids/Toddlers Step By Step

Yummy Banana Pancakes For Kids/Toddlers Step By Step Bananas are very nutritious and kids love them too. You can give them to your kids in various ways like smoothies, cakes, muffins etc.Here is how I make banana pan caker although my daughter have just few bites but I love making different things for her and for the baby blog .:)   If your kid likes sweets then you can make banana pancakes for them which are delicious and fulfilling at the same time.  Banana Pancakes … [Read more...]

Bento Lunch Boxes India Review & Suggestions

Bento Lunch Boxes India Review & Suggestions Bento lunch boxes are quite famous abroad but you won't find them in India easily but thankfully some of the brands have started coming out with some cute lunch boxes which are available at affordable prices. I fortunately got it on Hopscotch which keeps coming up with new things every now and then but yes! quite an expensive site it is.My friend suggested me this lunch box when I told her about my requirement .It costed me around 700 with … [Read more...]

Chicken and Veggie Lunch/Dinner Recipe for Babies (9m+) and Toddlers

Chicken and Veggie Lunch/Dinner Recipe for Babies (9m+) and Toddlers At my daughter’s 9th month appointment the doctor told us we could start giving her chicken. And thus started my hunt for recipes. There were lot of recipes for soups and broths, but I wanted a more hearty option in which I wouldn’t have to throw the chicken away. However, considering, at 15 months, my daughter has only 1 tooth, it was very difficult to get her to eat the chewy chicken. Finally, speaking to a mommy friend I … [Read more...]

French Toast And Soya Chunks Quick Toddler Recipe

I am not a kind of  mom who will spend hours in the kitchen to cook food for her child but I will certainly like my toddler to eat healthy so there are few things which I keep coming up with and which are a hit with my girl.One of the readers asked me to post my version of french toast so I am doing it otherwise both these recipes are pretty simple I believe. French toast  Recipe:- 1 slice of brown bread 1tbsp of milk A pinch of cinnamon powder 1 egg Sweet tomato sauce (I use … [Read more...]