Epidural For Pain Free Delivery: All That You Would Want To Know

Epidural For Pain Free Delivery I remember very clearly that as my delivery date neared in the last few weeks of pregnancy, more than anything else, the biggest fear in my mind was the labor – the pain, the pressure. I had never had so much as a hairline fracture in my life – the only real pain I had ever known is that of waxing. So, you get the point – I was petrified that I would not be able to bear the physical pain of labor and delivery. It doesn’t matter what people tell you – Women have … [Read more...]

Health And Grooming Kit For Baby

I and Rash had planned to get  baby grooming kit from US but some how things didn't materialize in the end so I almost gave up the kit idea and was thinking of buying each of the thing separately. But few days back Rash saw it in one of the stores and asked me if I have bought it. I knew if I say "No"  she will immediately buy it for me so I pleaded her not to buy and give me the honor  :D.I am seriously afraid to even mention one single thing in front of Zee and Rash because I know they … [Read more...]