70 Pairs Of Rhyming Names For Twins

  70 Pairs Of Rhyming Names For Twins Naming twins or triplets is very exciting for every parent. Naming a individual baby is so challenging. When it  is more babies together, then naming becomes even more difficult. Quite a lot of queries and confusions revolve around the parent's mind. Should the names rhymes? Should the  name begin with the same initial? Or should they mean same? Or rather should they contrast? Well, rhyming names is the most common option parents decide for their … [Read more...]

50 Indian Baby Boy Names From R

  50 Indian Baby Boy Names From R   Choose your son's names from the typical list of Indian baby names that begin from R.   Reyansh Raghav Rehaan Raoul Robin Rohan, Roneil Ranveer rajveer Riaan Rehan, Rishav, Raunak Riaan rhythm Rian Ronit, Rio, Raunak Ridvik. Rishik, rudra, rishabh Riyan, rhythm, rashish   What have you named your baby? You might also like reading these:- New Boy Names From K and … [Read more...]

Unique 4 Letter Name For Boy & Girl

Unique 4 Letter Name For Boy & Girl   There is no end to the list of names. Every names looks interesting and unique. New parents get confused with the large sea of baby names. Here we are again listing a few of the very unique baby names of boy and girl; mostly 4 letters are latest in the trend. Diva , shaan … [Read more...]

50 Name Of Boys Starting From Letter M

50 Name Of Boys Starting From Letter M   Baby names of boys starting from letter M. Hope the list helps you in choosing your baby's name. Mrigendra, Mitwa, Mruthyunjay Mudit , manas. mrigank Mayank mitesh manan manswi maitrey mihir Manav, Mehul, Mayur, Mohit, Mann, Madhav, Mayank Manav, mihir Mannit Mitansh Mit, monil, mann Mitansh Mithun, manish Mishal Mihir … [Read more...]

25 Baby Girl Names Starting From R

25 Baby Girl Names Starting From R   Here we come again with a short list of baby girl names beginning with R. Hope the list is helpful to choose your baby name.     Raisha means goddess Rishima ~ Moon light Raina Rayna Reyna Reva Rianna Ruhani Resha, Riddhima Rhubarb REET Rahi Ruhi Rayma Rubmeher Raina, Reha, Rhea, Ruhani, Rasha ou can find baby names of several other letters here. … [Read more...]

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting from P

Just had a baby boy ? Looking for a name for your baby boy or it's been long and you haven't been able to find out an interesting and a new name then names below  might help you out … [Read more...]

100 Indian Baby Names From b

100 Indian Baby Names from B If ‘B’ is where you decide to begin your baby’s name from, then here is the list made for you. There is no reason that you should select your baby’s name from B. But yet, the beliefs in numbers, celestial bodies, ancestral beliefs, the astrologers’ say, and never ending excuses might end you up on the letter ‘B’.     The below list of 100 names (both boys and girls) might be of some help to all the name searching parents. … [Read more...]