8 Ways To Encourage Good Behaviour In Toddler/Child

8 ways to encourage good behaviour in babies When your baby turn 1 and starts shouting for candies and throws the household things here and there, you know itai??i??s time to start teaching you kid discipline. Most parents confuse disciple with punishment but the origin of the word is ai???to teachai???. At this age it is actually good to introduce your child to the ai???rightai??? and ai???wrongai??? things. You must do something so that your kid understands his or her limit and the … [Read more...]

Food Steamer To Sterilize Baby Bottles & Preparing Food

I have been thinking of talking about baby sterilizer since long time but some how it never happened.  I got it last year when my baby was around 2 months old and I have extensively used it. In fact I guess I have over used it. It's one of the best things I invested in when it comes to baby care products and I think life wouldn't have been as easy without it.   Why I bought a food steamer to sterlise my baby bottle:- Reason I bought this steriliser was because of the multipurpose uses … [Read more...]