Himalaya Prickly Heat Baby Powder Review

Hi Momies!!   I happened to have found a new love for my baby specially during this heat. Prickly heat powder is a daily routine for my baby as it is what the skin needs at the moment. In this scorching heat, this powder can actually work wonders to keep your child away from the pain and irritability on the skin that makes them keep scratching and try and reach to their back with their tiny hands. … [Read more...]

Mothercare All We Know Baby Talc Review

Mothercare All We Know Baby Talc As this is my first review on this popular baby blog, would love to start a review with the product that’s almost used by everyone for their baby. Yes! You guessed it right; I will be reviewing today a talc/ powder! Johnson baby powder is popular among all we mothers, but let’s check something new in this category and see if this s actually before or worst that the other baby talc available in the market. This talc that I am reviewing today is from the very … [Read more...]