Carrot Soup Recipes For Babies

 Carrot Soup Recipes For Babies Winter demands everything warm. A bowl of warm soup can help a lot after a stroll in the play garden in the cold freezing weather. I never miss to use carrots in my daughter’s diet. There are many ingredients which keeps the body warm naturally. Using these ingredients can help keep cold and cough away in this season.     My daughter is sweet toothed. And for a change this is not a sweet tasting soup. Ingredients:Carrot … [Read more...]

Chicken Soup For Babies With Cold

If winter comes, can sneezing & coughing be far behind? Hah ha.... no Shelley like poetic thought, rather as we gear up for an extreme winter, my mommy-mind gets a baby-food thought to fight cold in the wintry weather ahead. In this weather changing months of Oct-Nov, my 19 month old daughter has already caught cold. She feels so helpless with irritating stuffy nose! In addition to trying all those ‘gharelu nuska’ of hot oil massages, nasal drops, Tulsi Patta mixed boiled warm water etc, i … [Read more...]

Baby Soup Ideas – Chickpea Tomato Soup For Babies

Baby Soup For Babies  Chickpea is one of the best food for babies. Chickpeas can be introduced to babies between 6-8months of age. They are packed with proteins and a rich source of zinc, magnesium, folate, iron and fibre. But doctors say tomatoes should be introduced to babies after 9-10 months of age as tomatoes are acidic which irritates the immature digestive track of babies. Whenever iam cooking chickpea curry for family ( that is after boiling the chickpeas) i make sure to keep half a cup … [Read more...]