Pigeon Liquid Cleanser Review

  Pigeon Liquid Cleanser Like every first-time I was too frightened of ruining my child health with just a little bit of my own negligence. May be I went a little overboard with it and I bought this product from a very famous brand named “Pigeon”     So here’s my review on the Pigeon Liquid Cleanser. About Pigeon Liquid Cleanser:     Price: 450 ml for Rs. 400/- approximately.You can buy from flipkart here Where I bought: I got this from … [Read more...]

5 Best Liquid Cleansers for Baby Accessories, Toys & Fruits Etc

Liquid Cleanser  Hygiene is the main aspect in baby rearing. Babies only know to mess up. As for we mothers, loving the mess and cleaning has to take birth along with the baby itself. Here is a list of easily available cleansing agents that I see will be of great help to all mothers. Baby accessories cleansers are mild and perfectly suited to be used on daily basis. One thing I feel that is to be strict about is, please do not use ordinary dish wash liquids or other detergents to clean … [Read more...]