Little’s Breast Pumps | Benefits & Uses

Little’s Breast Pumps | Benefits & Uses Breastfeeding has always been a topic which involves a lot of challenges and certainly has a lot of pros about how important it is for both the babies & the new mother! A lot of elderly women still find it uncomfortable for  women to breastfeed her baby in public unless they cannot find a secluded spot to privately carry out a pure act of nourishment which is designed by Mother Nature! Today’s woman is smart and is aware of the choices best for … [Read more...]

5 Breast Pumps You Can Buy In India – Reader Question

Mohini asks, Mohini asks Hi Baby Wise She Team- I  am a mother of three month old and I have to return to work in few days.I am interested in exclusively breastfeeding my baby and I am looking for a good pumping machine .Can you please recommend the best one available in India Hi Mohini Motherhood demands lot of help in various forms and and there are so many brands that assists a new mother and her new born . One of the products that a new mom will definitely feel handy is the … [Read more...]