Chicco Dentifricio ToothPaste (12 M+) Fragola Strawberry Review

Chicco Dentifricio ToothPaste (12 M+) Fragola Strawberry   Chicco offers so many wonderful baby products. Every other product of the brand is an essential in a baby’s routine. Well, I havent bought everything from them :-P. But the basic necessity products for my daughter are all from Chicco. Chicco has great dental care products. You can read about their Banana Tooth Paste (6 m+) and their Dental Care Set. Here is another review of their baby dental care product, Chicco Dentifricio ToothPaste … [Read more...]

Chicco Set Dental Review – Toddler Dental Care

Chicco Set Dental Review I have been trying to make my daughter get into the brushing habit but honestly speaking I am not too good at it. After losing  some 3-4 baby brushes I thought of getting Chicco dental set which comes with a baby tooth paste as well a baby brush. It has made things little easier for me because when I am running behind my daughter I always forget where I kept her tooth paste and when I am done cleaning her mouth I forget where the hell she threw away her brush. Since the … [Read more...]