25 Books For Beginner Kids For Reading

25 Books For Beginner Kids For Reading Hey Everyone, I am back after a while and now that the summer vacations have started I wanted to share how I have planned out few things for my daughter! She is an avid reader and loves to read different books. Also she finishes a book quite quickly so I have to keep a stock of different books on various subjects so that she can read new things each day! Well, if you too have a kid who has just started reading, now is the perfect time to introduce them … [Read more...]

How To Develop Your Child’s Bond With Books

  How To Develop Your Child's Bond With Books   Does your child prefer to play video games or watch cartoons instead of reading a book? Do you really want that your child should have his or her own collection of books and be passionate about reading? Many parents feel angry when they find that their child is hardly interested in reading books but most of them do not know how to inculcate the habit of reading in their child. Most of the parents give up instead of trying developing … [Read more...]