Tastiest Upma Recipe Ever Tried

Tastiest Upma Recipe Ever Tried For all those busy ladies who are always on the run, cooking can be quite a hectic chore. So today I am going to share with you a recipe which is quick, healthy, and of course delicious. The dish is called Upma. I came across it in a food group and since it was getting so much of love, thought I’d try it out myself. And yes! It did indeed turn out to be yummy. Ingredients- Sooji ( 2 and ½ cups) Urad dal(1 and ½  tbsp. Soak it for 20 mins before you … [Read more...]

Homemade Cerelac Recipe For Toddlers And Kids

Homemade Cerelac Recipe For Toddlers And Kids Hello mommies, As moms, you all are exceedingly particular about your Kid’s well being and this makes you very conscious about what your kid’s eat. The markets have a huge variety of nutritious food to offer for toddlers and kids, but….. Is it really nutritional enough or just a marketing gimmick??? Whatever the brands may claim but we know that there is nothing that can match up to nutritional levels of homemade foods. The first food that … [Read more...]

Vanilla & Blueberry Pancake Recipe For Toddlers

By Shivangi Chaturvedi Mahajan Vanilla & Blueberry Pancake Recipe Pancakes are really good food options for toddlers as the ingredients like wheat flour, fruits like banana, strawberry, blueberries etc make them a healthy option for the kids. Fruits are known to be rich sources of vitamins, minerals & glucose which provide instant source of energy. Egg is one of the predominant constituents of pancakes and are undoubtedly great sources of protein which is very essential for the … [Read more...]