Diet Care For A New Mother Post Delivery

Diet care for a new mother post delivery   Pregnancy itself is a stressful period for a woman and the delivery can be a traumatic experience for some, a relatively easy process for others. In any case, during the or postnatal period a new mother must receive exceptional care, especially in dietary matters. Some women can experience post traumatic stress disorder. She can have nightmares or have problems relating to her child or husband. She can have bouts of trembling, irritation and … [Read more...]

How to Plan a Mini Vacation With Your Toddler

We all lead a busy life these days and it often becomes next to impossible to give sufficient time to our family, to our little ones. Since last few days, my guilt was choking me down literally and then one fine day I decided to put aside all my work and go for a mini-to shake off the languor of my busy professional life and at the same time to spend some quality time with my loved one, my fond little kid. Balancing professional and personal life is very important once you have a kid … [Read more...]

Home Remedies For Loose Motions In Babies

Loose motions or diarrhoea is common in children between the ages of 1 and 5. It usually occurs due to improper diet and teething can also be a cause behind loose motions. The toddlers suffering from diarrhoea pass stools 3 or more times a day and it is usually watery. Mild abdominal pain can also be seen in some cases but it is very unlikely. In most cases the child remains normal and there is no need to go for further tests. These symptoms usually subside after the age of 5 or 6 … [Read more...]

Home Away From Home: Being An Indian Mom In A Foreign Land

Being a mom is not easy – you know that, for sure. Being a mom away from your home country in a land that is still alien to you in very many ways, without any immediate support structure in terms of family and familiarity – is even more difficult. However, with the right attitude, positive energy, and an understanding and cooperative spouse, one can make the new chapter that motherhood brings joyful and rewarding under any circumstance. I am an Indian mom, currently based out of the … [Read more...]