Love at first sight? Not necessarily..

Did you also imagine that magical moment when you'd hold your baby for the very first time in your arms, cuddle him or her and feel that rush of love and feel all glowly and fullfilled at that very moment? Yes? Ok, Then have some of you had that moment when you delivered your bundle of joy, had him/her plonked in your arms, looked at that tiny face and not felt much? Did that confuse you? Did you feel guilty for not feeling anything? Well worry not and guess what...It's … [Read more...]

How To Reduce Toxins Exposure To Babies

Toxins Exposure In Babies Let’s face it -When a baby is born, so is her mother. At least that’s what our scriptures say. But this reincarnation of the mother is completely different from the girl she used to be- careless and least bothered. Suddenly as a new mom you find yourself reading labels, worrying about germs, trying to protect your baby and buying all kinds of fancy products to ensure her safety. However, there’s a catch to it.  Most of the stuff we won’t dream of deeming harmful is … [Read more...]