Preschool Learning Games For 3 Year Old – English Alphabet Games

Hi Everyone! Time for a new post today.This blog is so close to me and the reason being as it grows my child is also growing.So now that she is three year and few month old this one is 3.6 year old :). I am a kind of a mom who believes in sitting with the child and learning new stuff without even knowing we are putting brains :D and that is the why I try to make learning super fun for my girl.I don't know how far I will be able to carry it as I have heard that when kids join proper school then … [Read more...]

Role Play For Kids- Zoo Activities For Preschool

Role Play For Kids- Zoo Activities For Preschool Making your kids imagine themselves as a different person in a new situation forms the basis of role play. It is popular in Western countries but is yet to gain more popularity in India. Many good schools involve little children in role play to make them learn quite a lot of things. You can role play with your child at home just like I do. Use of props makes the scenario more real. I created a little zoo at home and played a scenario with my … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Make Your Toddler’s Day

5 Ways to Make Your Toddler’s Day A toddler to every mother is more than her life. She pampers her child, she loves her child; The child to a mom is her world and nothing can come over it. But the busy life schedules and daily chores do not let us have a full time fun with the baby. You cannot deny on moments when your child is awake and you just want the child to sleep so that you can finish of your chores. When you see somebody around and you feel happy, that the person can take care of … [Read more...]

Faber Castell Art Cart Review

  Faber Castell Art Cart Review Babies and toddlers are so associated with colors. Teaching colors to babies is a challenge and a must take up task for parents and care takers. For my daughter initially, every color was green color. Pink was green, Red was green, Yellow was green, Black was also green, you show any color it was green for her.. I used to be so tensed that was she color blind. At the age of 3 or may be a little over three she recognized every other color properly much … [Read more...]