12 Symptoms Of Cancer

12 Symptoms Of Cancer   As Women our bodies are constantly changing and half the time we are unaware of these changes. However, our health is in our hands and there are some symptoms that we should clearly not ignore. The key is understand our body and be vigilant about the changes that may occur and treat them on time. 12 Signs that you should look out for:- Breast Changes – Anything lumpy in your breast may not be a sign of cancer, however not getting it checked is also … [Read more...]

How To Recover Faster Post Delivery

How To Recover Faster Post Delivery   The Crucial 9 months are over and you have your precious bundle of joy with you.  A priceless feeling right? As a mom to a toddler I can’t compare this joy to anything else in the world. It’s an ongoing feeling of happiness and each day brings in something new and wondrous. However, post the baby’s birth not just their care and well – being but the mother also requires a lot of attention. A woman’s body undergoes quantum changes during pregnancy … [Read more...]

5 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

5 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy Pregnancy is the most important physiological function in the life of a human as it involves recreation of the self. This accounts for many things to keep in mind before conceiving and also during the gestation period. You may heave heard your mother & grand mothers talking about certain things to avoid during pregnancy. Well, Old is Gold goes well with this and they were actually correct about many things regarding pregnancy situation & nutrition … [Read more...]

Homemade Hair Fall Control Oil

Homemade Hair Fall Control Oil Now a days we find so many hair care products that one gets confused which one to use and which not. For me climate change brings a terrible hair fall spree. Another disadvantage of moving around all overt the country from North to South ,East to West every two years is that my hair had become very weak and with split ends. I tried all kinds of concoctions to save my hair but nothing came to my rescue. I used to be terrified seeing hair on my pillow. Head wash … [Read more...]

7 Maternity Fashion Essentials

7 Maternity Fashion Essentials    Maternity Fashion simply means to be in sync and fashionable whilst you complete your nine months of pregnancy. The luckier ones manage to complete the first trimester with just a few minor adjustments of leaving one button unopened, open the seam of your dress, or just borrow your partners tee. For the others it might be a revamp of wardrobe essentials.     The earlier generations weren’t too keen on showing their baby bump. … [Read more...]

Diet For The Third Month Of Pregnancy

Diet For The Third Month Of Pregnancy   Welcome to the third month of your pregnancy! It’s time for some positive changes. As you progress towards the fourth month of your pregnancy, things will get better. You wouldn’t run away from your meals anymore and if your doc is kind enough you can even have a chance at hearing your little one’s heart beat for the first time. Yay! :-) And no you are not at all silly if you are caught the 100th time smiling away over your baby’s ultrasound scan … [Read more...]