7 Maternity Fashion Essentials

7 Maternity Fashion Essentials    Maternity Fashion simply means to be in sync and fashionable whilst you complete your nine months of pregnancy. The luckier ones manage to complete the first trimester with just a few minor adjustments of leaving one button unopened, open the seam of your dress, or just borrow your partners tee. For the others it might be a revamp of wardrobe essentials.     The earlier generations weren’t too keen on showing their baby bump. … [Read more...]

9 Tips For Plus-Size Maternity Wear

By Jayashree 9 Tips For Plus-Size Maternity Wear   Be it whatever our size, we still want to look and feel awesome during the pregnancy period. Maternity wear must be reliable, soft, comfortable, of good fabric and fit. Maternity garments must not be skin-tight or even oversized that isn’t fashionable at all. Thus, for all mom-to-be, we have listed few tips that can help them to choose the best plus-size maternity wear and stay fashionable. 1. Select A Proper … [Read more...]