5 Useful Workouts To Get Back Into Shape After Delivery

5 Useful Workouts to Get Back into Shape After Delivery   It is not as tough as you imagine it is to shed out the extra fat post delivery. While performing any of the routines if you experience soreness, heavy bleeding or headaches and other symptoms that are unusual you should stop working out and talk to your doctor seeking his advice. The following exercises are helpful in getting you into shape after delivery.     Walks: Walking is not one of the popular … [Read more...]

8 Tips To Wear Maternity Wear & 8 Cute Maternity Wear Ideas

I remember my cousion's who were 10-15 years elder to me use to wear gowns or oversized and misshapen clothes.They use to look so huge and unattractive .Thank God those days have passed now.I feel happy seeing women nowadays looking fashionable and so beautiful while being pregnant.It represent the change in attitude towards pregnancy and ofcourse the fact that Indian fashion has arrived. Recently one of my friend was sharing how  a bank employee  was working till the last day of her pregnancy … [Read more...]