Mothercare All We Know Baby Shampoo Review

  Mothercare - All We Know Baby Shampoo   I am big ever fan of Mothercare brand and am sure you must have realized this by now. Thus, today I have a review on a shampoo from the renowned brand of Mothercare.     About Mothercare - All We Know Baby Shampoo: All Mothercare's specialist know-how goes into the new All We Know baby toiletries range. The products contain natural extracts including olive oil, nature's ultimate moisturiser, and chamomile which have … [Read more...]

9 Things To Consider When Buying A Baby Stroller

In India strollers, baby carriers or baby prams do not sell like that in the west. The main reason is the road system. Least facilities are made for wheels to move around easily. But the system is not as bad as earlier. There are improvements and we do find many parents using strollers. Even then if you compare, since the demand is not too great, the quality, quantity, and options are compromised to a great extent.     If you answer these questions then it might help … [Read more...]

11 Tested Home Remedy Of Cough And Cold For Your Toddler

Reader Questions Friends.. What are the home remedies you would do once you know your little one is getting cold and cough? My 1.4 year old is having running nose from morning and last time he got cold and cough, it was so severe that we finally had to take him for nebulization.. Please help! Answer:- Children are highly prone to cold. It is a viral infection that affects upper respiratory tract. Cold is caused by Rhinovirus and there are more than 1oo types of rhinoviruses so it becomes … [Read more...]

8 Nursing Essentials For The Breastfeeding Mommy

Nursing Essentials for the Breastfeeding Mommy As natural as breastfeeding your baby may seem, you need to be well equipped so that you are able to enjoy the experience to the fullest without any aches, pains, or discomfort. Here is a list of must haves that you will never regret in investing in! 1. Nursing Brassieres Nursing bras come usually in two styles: Wrap/Pullover bras: These bras are worn like a sports bra and have a wrap in the front to enable access for feeding. Here is how … [Read more...]

Chicco Stroller Turquoise Review

Chicco Stroller Turquoise Review A brand has won over me. Nothing can change my view about the brand. If you compare it with other competitive baby products brands, Chicco is a little expensive. But the quality is excellent. Few months ago I bought a stroller for my daughter from Chicco. She is not a small baby, but she is not big enough to walk a lot either. And she is not small enough to be carried around in arms or baby bag. Walk-walk-walk is the main mode of transportation here now for … [Read more...]

Do babies really need sunscreen?

I was going through an online site, when the site recommended baby sunscreen. A thought struck in my mind “Do babies really need sunscreen?”. Gathering further information I have found few pointers. As for me, I have never exposed my baby to direct sunlight. We as adults would never like being in hot sun, and how different it is for babies?     Below are few facts which we as parents should know about baby exposure to sun and baby sunscreens:-   There are many … [Read more...]

29th Week Pregnancy Update By Shefali

 29th Week Pregnancy Update Hey girls :-) Hope everyone is doing superb.. I have been super lazy this week. Have been physically feeling too heavy and lethargic. Didn't want to get out of bed even for brushing or loo trips. Last week's appointment has pulled my already cranky mood down a lot. Thanks to my hubby he has always been extremely supportive and taken care of me like a princess. I couldn't have asked for more. - Just wanted this week to pass quickly as I have my doctor's … [Read more...]

5 Best Liquid Cleansers for Baby Accessories, Toys & Fruits Etc

Liquid Cleanser  Hygiene is the main aspect in baby rearing. Babies only know to mess up. As for we mothers, loving the mess and cleaning has to take birth along with the baby itself. Here is a list of easily available cleansing agents that I see will be of great help to all mothers. Baby accessories cleansers are mild and perfectly suited to be used on daily basis. One thing I feel that is to be strict about is, please do not use ordinary dish wash liquids or other detergents to clean … [Read more...]

How Often Do You Change Your Baby’s Feeding Bottles?

  There are so many brands that provide excellent quality baby accessories. Feeding bottles are one of the easily available baby care accessories. Though the purchase is of the best quality, it definitely needs checking and re-checking considering the health of your baby. It is mainly milk that is fed to your baby with these feeding bottles. And the slightest mistake in cleaning or maintaining hygiene can lead to infections and health problems to your … [Read more...]

Chicco Set Dental Review – Toddler Dental Care

Chicco Set Dental Review I have been trying to make my daughter get into the brushing habit but honestly speaking I am not too good at it. After losing  some 3-4 baby brushes I thought of getting Chicco dental set which comes with a baby tooth paste as well a baby brush. It has made things little easier for me because when I am running behind my daughter I always forget where I kept her tooth paste and when I am done cleaning her mouth I forget where the hell she threw away her brush. Since the … [Read more...]