Mothercare All We Know Baby Nappy Cream Review

Mothercare All We Know Baby Nappy Cream Nappy rash is one of the most stress causing factors to both mom and the baby especially in the intial few months when slightest negligence may cause a ton of pain to your little one. Imagine seeing your baby’s bottom red just a day after she’s born! Babies generally get too cranky because of the intense burning sensation and might also refuse their feeds. Where I bought: I bought this Mothercare All We Know Baby Nappy Cream when I was at a … [Read more...]

5 Facts To Consider Before Conceiving Again

5 Facts To Consider Before Concieving Again   Deciding to have another baby is a turning point once again in your life. First and foremost is your wish and will. We did a brief discussion here on taking your own call about your next baby. If you have gone positive in making your decision, there are some more factors that still have its say on your decision of having another baby.     Current Routine Do you have a fixed routine? Have you got back to your work with … [Read more...]

New Unique Baby Boy Names Starting from Ch,D And Z

We suggest you some unique names starting from- Ch, D znd Z for your little son- Ch- Chinmay Chirantan Chirag Chirant Chaitra Chand Chirag D-  Daiwik(By god's grace) … [Read more...]

8 Fantastic First Birthday Party Ideas

The moment that you take your baby in your arms for the first time is very special. And then each day, you see your baby grow and discover more about each other. All these days are very special and then in no time your baby turns one. Yes, you don't even realize that and suddenly it is your little one's birthday. Every parent wants to make this day very special and memorable. If you are planning to throw a party for your kid's first birthday, take your pick from the ideas given … [Read more...]

Make your own Baby Rattler Toy|Baby Rattle DIY

Make your own Baby Rattler Toy Rattlers are the first toys for every baby. When they learn to hold a firm grip of objects, rattlers are usually given so that the sound keeps them engrossed. As for my daughter, any toy would fascinate her just for 2 days. And then the toy is of no interest. It was not practical for us to buy a new toy every other day. So, to show her new items I just adopted this simple method of making my own rattler. Rattler is basically something which makes a … [Read more...]

8 Ways To Encourage Good Behaviour In Toddler/Child

8 ways to encourage good behaviour in babies When your baby turn 1 and starts shouting for candies and throws the household things here and there, you know itai??i??s time to start teaching you kid discipline. Most parents confuse disciple with punishment but the origin of the word is ai???to teachai???. At this age it is actually good to introduce your child to the ai???rightai??? and ai???wrongai??? things. You must do something so that your kid understands his or her limit and the … [Read more...]

5 Best Potty Training Tricks

5 best potty training tricks. Potty training is always a messy job. Lot of accidents happen; meltdown occurs and it can be quite a frustrating and a tough time for both kids and the parents. I have searched a lot for tips and tricks on potty training when I was going through it with my son and these are some which worked for us the best.     Bribe your child It works sometimes if ita��s done the smart way. It has to be something which your child likes and not something … [Read more...]

Nestle Nesquik Strawberry Milk Flavour

by chandani Plain milk never gets down the throat for my daughter. I have to alter the taste of plain milk. This has been going on as a tradition now. I have always flavoured the milk naturally. But when there is serious time crunch and left with no option but rely on readymade milk flavors available at the stores, I go for Nesquik provided by Nestle. It comes in 2 flavors, Strawberry and Chocolate.     If you have ever wished of your baby asking for more milk after … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For Your Next Baby?

Are you ready for the next one? Am I hearing a ‘YES’? Really? :-). Just One? Or you want your present baby to have a sibling? If you ask me this I am left speechless. But I can think of one alternative option, ‘You take the pain; and I can carry and deliver as many babies as you want. Will that deal work?’ This is not possible; I know.     When I was pregnant for the first time, during the last trimester I started absorbing the fact that I will not be able to be … [Read more...]

Shef News Is Here!!!!

Hello everyone! I was getting mails from baby blog readers asking about Shef updates.I had put it under wrap as she was going to deliver in few days.Wanted to surprise you all with the news .Baby did arrive little early then expected but both  mom and baby are doing fine .Shef had an C section on 30th of December. Shef who had a difficult time first with a miscarriage and then with a troubled pregnancy at last has been blessed with a cute little Baby Girl!!! yeyeyeyey! Mom and baby are … [Read more...]