Capsicum Tomato Salsa Recipe – One Year Old Food Ideas

Baby Food Ideas Being mother of a toddler, i often find it difficult to make my baby eat foods that i regularly prepare for her. At times she just won’t eat anything – pushing me to the brink of an utter frustration. I think the story is not different with other mommies also, especially those who are vegetarians. It is true, non-veggies always enjoy better food options for their babies – but the challenge of making a toddler eat home-cooked food is more or less same with almost all mothers. In … [Read more...]

Fundooz Flavoured Yogurt – Food Recipe For One Year Old

I have a fussy, going-to-be-one-year old baby girl and I try hard to make her eat suji, paneer(Indian cheese), porridge etc but she is a stubborn child like her mom. Like an obedient child she always first takes the spoon filled with food in her mouth and a second later she spits it out. It's irritating and sometimes when I think of cooking for her, I feel like not cooking at all as she is not going to eat anyway. This time while doing grocery shopping in big bazaar I came across flavoured … [Read more...]