21 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Mom And Baby

21 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Mom And Baby When a woman starts expecting, she feels a completely different emotion which is rather inexplicable. As she feels her baby growing within her womb, a deep emotional bond of love and affection develops between the mom and her baby. When her gynecologist shows her the babya��s growth stages and movements on the monitor screen during the USG Tests, her excitement level keeps soaring to skyrocketing heights and ends only with tears of joy when the doctor … [Read more...]

Shef News Is Here!!!!

Hello everyone! I was getting mails from baby blog readers asking about Shef updates.I had put it under wrap as she was going to deliver in few days.Wanted to surprise you all with the news .Baby did arrive little early then expected but both  mom and baby are doing fine .Shef had an C section on 30th of December. Shef who had a difficult time first with a miscarriage and then with a troubled pregnancy at last has been blessed with a cute little Baby Girl!!! yeyeyeyey! Mom and baby are … [Read more...]

22 Week Pregnancy Update by Shefali

Hello sweeties :-) I am back and viral is almost gone :-) Time seems to be brisk walking after I hit 21 weeks. Now I just want the time to start running :-D This week I made 'THE' final shopping list. The things I want to purchase before the baby arrives. As I am due in peak winters I want to make sure I have a little extra of everything. I don't want my elders to run around here and there. I want everyone to relax and be at home for the first 2 weeks at least. As planned I will do a … [Read more...]

100 Indian Baby Boy Names

  My friend recently delivered a baby boy. After chatting about the experience I just popped the usual question of baby name. She said nothing has been decided so far and the search is still on. And I suddenly realized that I had left the topic of naming list here half way. Baby girl names? There is a link here. Baby boy names? Oh! There was no link here. :-P. I had to list down at least few and help mother’s with baby boys too.  :-). Traditional ways of naming a baby boy: When … [Read more...]

Health And Grooming Kit For Baby

I and Rash had planned to get  baby grooming kit from US but some how things didn't materialize in the end so I almost gave up the kit idea and was thinking of buying each of the thing separately. But few days back Rash saw it in one of the stores and asked me if I have bought it. I knew if I say "No"  she will immediately buy it for me so I pleaded her not to buy and give me the honor  :D.I am seriously afraid to even mention one single thing in front of Zee and Rash because I know they … [Read more...]