10 Must Read Baby Books For Toddlers

10 must read baby books for toddlers  The truth lies in the fact that children can’t read before 5 or 6 years of age. Some children can but most of them can’t. The key to reading readiness durinag toddler years is an indirect instruction to children in which parents must play the lead role. This is done to show them that books are important in life and make them love books. The books are printed in such a way so that their attention is captured at once and they’ll feel interested to learn what … [Read more...]

Reading Books For Infants And Toddlers

Hi Everyone! I took a mini break from baby blog as Wise She kept me occupied but I  was missing it and would like to pen down all the things which I think, have been trying , loving or I am concerned about my daughter.I really did get to know many things while blogging here so would like to continue further.     My baby is more than 4 months old and I can really see her growing up. With each passing week and month I realize that those months are never going to come … [Read more...]