Body Image Issues After Having A Baby

I never had a perfect figure body which I could boast about but it indeed wasn't bad either. I never had loose skin on my tummy and on the whole I could wear anything which I wish of, after some trial. I did struggle a bit to conceive which made me gain two kgs and in total I had put on some additional 14kgs during my pregnancy. I had a happy pregnancy, if I leave those horrible migraines, which I had to deal all alone in a different city during my first trimester. My first pic was taken when … [Read more...]

My Weight Loss Journey After Pregnancy With PCOS

From the desperation of getting pregnant to the delivery of baby and then taking care of a new born - a woman's body goes through a lot. During my pregnancy, I had whole lot of time to take care of my body but that time I was supposed to not to lose weight and now when I have my baby there is no time to reduce weight.I wonder how all those lucky women are able to reduce weight in just 4-5 months and get back to their previous shape. Well! I knew I won't be the lucky one and will have to … [Read more...]

How I lost Weight After Pregnancy

Weight Loss After Pregnancy  Hi everybody! How are you all doing? Todays’ topic is very interesting and fun. I had been slightly plump during adolescence and when I started college,I had lost 5-7 kgs(from 55kgs to 48 kgs).But those chubby cheeks were still there(that I hated  my cheeks like hell!!!). I had gained a lot of weight during pregnancy(from 50 kgs to 68 kgs) and my life changed altogether. I never thought I would get back to my weight and size again. … [Read more...]