Toddler Safety Tips This Diwali

By Stuti Khurana

Toddler Safety Tips This Diwali

Diwali is just round the corner & children are always super excited about the celebrations. However, in order to enjoy to the fullest, it is important that safety is well taken care of. Here we present a few pointers to keep your toddlers safe this Diwali.

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Close Supervision:

First & foremost, do not leave your little ones unattended. Toddlers should be kept in arms at all times. Be extremely careful with babies who can crawl as they might touch crackers, candles or diyas. Keep your baby away from all lights and flowers. Flowers can cause asthma and babies can easily pluck them or even eat them. Keep diyas outdoors and all electric lights well plugged and childproof.

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Proper Clothing:

Festivals are the perfect occasion for wearing fancy clothes but make sure to dress your toddler in cotton clothes. Avoid synthetic & nylon clothing at all times. Make them wear long sleeves and cover legs as well. Ensure that your baby is wearing proper footwear with no flowing laces or ornaments. Also avoid all kinds of flowing clothes which are more prone to catching fire.

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In order to keep your baby safe, buy only a few fireworks or none if possible. Purchase only good quality fireworks from licensed shops. Avoid buying bombs for younger children. The noise made by crackers can be extremely disturbing for babies The sparks can go into their eyes as well. To protect your baby from noise pollution, use ear-plugs or cotton. Always light fireworks in open spaces like terrace or a garden. Ensure that the baby is kept afar from smoke which otherwise could be inhaled by them & it is advisable to take them indoors after some time.

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Fire safety:

It is better to be safe than sorry. It is always advisable to have a list of emergency contact numbers ready with phone numbers of your pediatrician, hospital, ambulance, and fire-station. Always keep a bucket of water and sand handy wherever you are bursting crackers. Keep a first-aid boxready to deal with any kind of emergency. In case of burns, wash the affected area with cool water & for serious burns, seek medical assistance immediately. Do not light diyas or candles near curtains & ensure good quality lightings to make sure there are no short-circuits.

Food Safety:

Food safety also plays an integral role for your baby. It is better to stick to baby food rather than feeding them with sweets loaded with sugar & ghee. It is better to keep them away from outside stuff as far as possible. Coming to buying sweets & other snacks, ensure that you pick these from the right store and are consumed in moderation.

Electric Lightings & Diyas:

All the surroundings are always lit with lights, candles & diyas during this time of the year. Therefore it is essential that the electrical lights you use are of good quality. Make sure that there are no loose wires hanging around & hang them at height where your kids can’t reach and plug them using an extension chord with proper earthing. Ensure that the diyas are properly placed outside the door have sufficient spacing. Avoid filling oil up to the brim which might cause unnecessary spilling and slippery floors.

Hope you like these tips for safety during the Festival of lights to make your occasion even more special and fun to be!

How do you celebrate Diwali with a toddler around?

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